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Utilizing BIM, the Barnes Art Education Center was designed to achieve LEED Platinum  More... 
A place of worship, a place to commemorate history or culture, or simply a place to gather and enjoy in a community—these are unique, one-of-a-kind structures that require a customized construction approach. From one of the world’s most recognized and historic cathedrals to a local synagogue, from a world-renowned art museum to a private collection, and from an award-winning regional theater to a jaw-dropping Zagat-rated restaurant, Structure Tone offers you that specialization.

We embrace your building as if it were our own. We know that cultural, religious or entertainment construction projects are not simply about erecting walls or installing sheet metal, they are about the purpose and meaning—the tradition and reverence—of the space. Recognizing that, we take the time to learn about and understand those drivers, to get to know constituents other than the planners and designers, and to give your project the kid-glove treatment it deserves.

Structure Tone’s skills and expertise augment our customer-focused approach. Whether it’s the complex technology of interactive exhibits or black box theater systems, infrastructure to provide climate control to protect precious artifacts, complex construction staging to accommodate religious doctrine, or stretching a hard-won budget, our in-house experts have the skill and familiarity to both anticipate and address your key issues.

Your museum, memorial, church, theater or restaurant is a place of unique purpose—a place where people may experience a deeply individual moment of joy, sorrow, healing, remembrance, inspiration, or delight. Structure Tone recognizes the highly personal nature of these buildings and always brings the human touch to our construction efforts.

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Structure Tone is a proud member of the Unites States Green Building Council (USGBC).
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