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Workplace 2.0Building an Office for a Mobile Workforce

Accenture was looking to relocate and reduce its real estate footprint in Houston while continuing to support a growing workforce. The Houston location became the pilot project in Accenture’s Workplace 2.0 strategy to create a new type of office environment elegantly tailored to meet the needs of its mobile workers. When constructing the Houston Accenture office, Structure Tone's team focused on collaborative space and technology and emphasizes the four E’s: efficiency, effectiveness, engagement and environmental sustainability. Supporting 850 people, the office hosts an average daily population of 125 to 150. There are 109 regular seats (workstations and one to two-person enclosed spaces) and 206 meeting/collaboration seats, but only 30 “permanent residents” (mostly support staff) who report to the office on a daily basis and always sit in the same place.

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