Philadelphia, PA

Fast-track Construction

This two phase project began with the complete demolition of five floors of existing office space for AIG. The second phase of the project offered a challenging schedule for Structure Tone; 16-weeks to complete the interior fit-out of the newly demolished floors. Construction began consecutively on each floor, two weeks behind the prior floor until all five floors were being built simultaneously. Major elements of AIG’s multi-floor build-out included office space, board and conference rooms, reception, cafeteria, pantries, high density storage, state-of-the-art audio/visual system, LAN room and IDF closets.

To maintain normalcy during the business day, certain components of construction were required to be completed after hours including welding the beams below AIG’s space. The beams could only be accessed through another tenant’s space, requiring overnight work and careful coordination.

LEED Certification

An integral part of this project was complying with LEED standards to aid AIG in achieving LEED certification. During the bidding and procurement phase, all subcontractors were required to purchase regional materials as well as those made with recycled content or wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

An indoor air quality management plan was implemented requiring all duct work to arrive and remain wrapped to prevent dust and dirt from getting inside as well as the installation of filters on all exhaust ducts. Low VOC materials were also used. The construction waste management plan required all debris, including wood, plastic, metal, drywall and cardboard, to be separated and 83% was diverted from landfills and sent to recycling centers.

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